Our various models of air motors satisfy the diverse needs of our customers.

Our company as a pneumatic machinery manufacturer gathered its best to produce air motors. We offer a lineup that includes multiple air motors, thereby achieving versatility of air motors that overturns existing conventions.
Particularly, our unique mechanism shines in terms of low-speed rotation or fast startup, which conventional air motors are not good at.

1. Operable in harsh environments

Because compressed air is used as the power source, a user can use the air motor in combustible environments such as explosive gas and dust explosion atmospheres
※When needing other specialized specification, please consult with us.

2. Self-cooling effect

The air motor self-cools, using adiabatic expansion of compressed air. Therefore, it is hard for the motor itself to heat. A standard atmospheric temperature for the use of the motor is -10°C to 40°C.
※Please consult with us about other atmospheric temperatures and details of atmospheres.

3. Easy control of rotating speed

Flow control by a throttle valve (speed controller), pressure regulation by a pressure reducing valve (regulator) or other method can easily change a rotating speed from low to high.

4. You need not worry about overloading.

Even if the air motor undergoes an overload, a user only slows or stops the motor by balancing it with the load, which avoids its burning, overheating or other trouble. If the load is reduced, the motor will restart or increase its speed, returning to its original status.

5. Wide range of purposes

Using compressed air stored in its air receiver or other tank, the air motor serves as an emergency drive during power outage and as a brake equipment using its engine braking.

6. Frequently usable

The pressure of compressed air (the effect of cushion vacuum) allows for smooth start/stop and forward/inverse rotation.

7. Smaller and lighter air motor

The air motor’s power is high, but its body weight and capacity are small. Therefore, the whole system including the motor can be made smaller and lighter.

8. Usable compressed air

In addition to compressed air, nitrogen gas or other compressed gas can also be used.
※Before using other compressed gas, please consult with us.


Oil and Chemistry
バOpening/closing valve, mixer, pump drive, oil fence drive, LNG/LPG pump hoist, hydrogen curdle/cylinder transfer hoist, overhead crane, tank cleaner, blender, safety valve transfer system
Steel and Iron Industry
Ship winch, hatch cover, engine room hoist, offshore winch, gas turbine starter, engine starter
Shipbuilding and Shipping
Ship winch, hatch cover, engine room hoist, offshore winch, gas turbine starter, engine starter
General Industrial Machinery
Hoist, door opening/closing, papermaking machine roller/tension device, grinder, cleaner drive, tilting equipment, auto-tensioner, travel cart drive, mold setting machine, winder, injection molding machine, water gate drive/brake, labor-saving machines of various types

Uses of air motor by series type

Based on the features of each air motor, the air motor is used for various purposes. Examples of the uses are described below. Please refer to them when selecting an air motor.

Radial piston type
  • Winch for mining
  • Winch for shipping
  • Overhead crane
  • Hoist for chemical plant
  • Hoist for LNG tank
  • Ironworks machinery drive
  • Hoist for ironworks
  • Cart transfer
  • Civil engineering machinery drive
  • Emergency pump drive
Rotary vane type
  • Work tool
  • Mixer
  • Overhead hoist
  • Valve opening/closing
  • Hatch opening/closing
  • Engine starter
  • Hoist for chemical plant
Gear turbine type
  • Ironworks emergency motor
  • Gas turbine starter
  • Belt conveyor
  • Emergency pump drive
  • Winch for ship